Prior Work Completed By V.M. Engineering

A few selected jobs completed over the years by V.M. Engineering are shown below. Please click on the thumb-nails to view the full sized photograph and a brief description of the component.

Casino Signs
Casino Sign Stands
Barrel Hoop Mixer
Barrel Hoop Mixer
Vacuum Bubble Former
50cm Diameter Vacuum
Bubble Former
Brass Work
Machined Brass Ash Tray
and Paper Weight
3D Truss
Lighting 3D Trusses
Pharmacutical Labeling Machine
Components of Pharmaceutical
Labeling Machine
Tent Structure
Tent Structure
Pneumatic Lift
Pneumatic Lift
Lift Platform
5 Ton Lift Platform
Custom Gate
Custom Made Gate
Turned Brass Candle Holders
Brass Candle Holders
Sign in Hotel
Brass and Wood Sign
in Hotel, Dubuy

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