History of V.M. Engineering

The story of V.M. Engineering starts in 1986; two brothers, George and Victor Peleias, working from their garage with a 1meter lathe stated to turn custom made brass pieces. They did this work mostly after hours and on week-ends. The pieces that were made ranged from custom made ornaments to ash-trays, and cigarette lighters. Following the success of this line of work, V.M. Engineering was registered in 1988; V.M. was registered in Johannesburg as a partnership.

With the registration of the company (1988), V.M. rented its first premises in Lorentzville in Johannesburg. The new workshop of 120 square meters was spacious compared to the garage. The trusty Maximat (the one meter lathe from the garage) together with a drill press constituted our machines. V.M. continued to manufacture the speciality brass work. In addition, hydraulic components (made from various materials) were now being made.

With the new work a semi automatic production lathe and a welding machine (a basic stick welder) were procured. The new machines allowed to start production work. Our clients expanded to include: Frontier Hydraulics, Schindler Lifts, Busaf-Bauer, and Lucas (automotive components division). The work from our new clients provided for the purchase of many new sophisticated machines. Soon the work area became full with these new machines and in 1989 V.M. expanded its premises to 250 square meters by adding the adjoining workshop space. We also hired our first employee to help with welding and odd jobs. New work included manufacturing burglar proofing, and steel furniture. Our capabilities grew from turning and welding to milling with the purchase of an Adcok-Shipley milling machine.

In 1990 our client base started growing and once again, space became an issue. Thus we expanded to 540 square meters by adding yet more adjoining commercial space; we were still in Lorentzville. Our machine inventory also grew apace to accomodate the work in that year. The new machines included bigger lathes (three meters), more sophisticated welding machines, and another milling machine. Our work force also grew, and now consisted of five employees, one of whom was a fully dedicated driver. Yes, we still deliver the work we manufcature- on time.

From 1990 to 1999 V.M. concentrated on growing the business. The work force was expanded to eleven people. In this time we had professional welders, turners, and milling machinists. We also concentrated on growing our client base.

In 1999 we started to run out of working space yet again, and decided to purchase our own premises. Hence, in that year V.M. moved to our current location on the corner of Lang and Sydney Streets, Judith Paarl. The workshop consists of 1400 square meters, on an 8000square meter stand.

Today, V.M. Engineering has grown and expanded to such an extent that we have the capabilities to solve most engineering problems, from manufacturing, to production runs. With a hands-on management, and a dedicated work force, our phylosophy still remains that no job is too big or too small- we give it equal attention, and deliver it complete on time.

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